Phil Leo

An award winning photographer in multiple fields, Phil truly understands the effort and elements involved in creating emotionally charged imagery. Phil's conceptual photographs with Getty Images, the world's leading stock agency, have been seen worldwide for 10+ years. In 2013 Phil was awarded one of the top honors from PDN's Photo Annual - our industry's leading magazine. In the same year, his wedding imagery was picked up by The Knot’s "Best Of" - beyond question, an amazing accomplishment.

"Every wedding is a unique experience with a unique energy we need to recognize and capture in a candid way. From West Point to LBI, Sonoma Valley to NYC; I'm fully emerged in documenting a story as it unfolds in front of my camera. It's an incredible feeling to know the couple puts their trust in my aesthetic.It's what all photographers strive for in their career."

Phil and Chris have been collaborating in the event industry for over 10 years now and do not plan on slowing down anytime soon. “Brainstorming creative new ideas for future events or talking about the latest trends in photography is a lifestyle for our studio. It is all day everyday. . . and it's a blast."



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